Moving On

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Well, we have finally finished the Joe and Charlie series on the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It seemed to be well received as it was downloaded many times and, although I got a lot of nice e-mail about it, I have to tell you I was beginning to tire of seeing the same tag about it on Itunes. Something about the way the feed was formated for Itunes caused extra characters to appear in the description. I guess this goes in the “Live and Learn” category.

   Yes, I said Itunes. Recovery Radio is on Itunes and you may subscribe to us through them as well, if you are using an Ipod. The subscription on Itunes is free of course, and we thought that having another distribution channel could not hurt, especially if it was the largest, most popular podcast repository on the planet. Stop by Itunes and check out our new “Cover Art”

   We are moving on from Joe and Charlie this week and will start with some Al-Anon speakers. We have a two episode Mary Pearl talk that is, as usual, hilarious. I think everyone can relate to Mary Pearl regardless of what program might be their primary focus. Give it a try and let us hear your feedback either by leaving a  comment on the site, or by dropping us an e-mail.

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