A New Pair of Glasses

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    The week beginning Monday June 22nd will be devoted to the Chuck C. series of speeches titled A New Pair of Glasses. This series of talks was first given in 1974, and became the basis for the book by the same title. My sponsor suggested I read that book early in my sobriety and it was an eyeopener for me as a newcomer to the idea of recovery.  I hope it might produce the same enlightning effect for you it did for me. This is actually a series of six talks so, we will finish up with the last post on Monday June 29.

    On a related note, the Recovery Radio Podcast only publishes new shows five days a week, Monday through Friday. The weekends are reserved for the actual work that goes into preparing the indivdual episodes for publication. Once prepared, they are then cued up on the site and automatically scheduled for publication using a scheduler application. This gives your station manager time to attend to his regular job. The one that keeps food on the table and a roof over his head.

    Traffic to the site has picked up since we started publishing to iTunes. I have noticed about a 25 percent increase in visits to the site and about a 50 percent increase in first time visitors. Even though they get their audio directly from iTunes in many cases, people come to the site to see what we are all about. As of this writing, people have checked in from 28 different countries since April. If you click on the Cluster Map in the right hand tool bar, it will enlarge, and show you the names of the various countries from which our visitors have been coming. To my mind this goes to show two things. First, just how wide spread the problem is and, secondly, it lets me know that the solution is the same everywhere.

    Thank God for modern technology that helps us stay in touch in even the most remote locations. I say this because I recently received an email of thanks from a listener who, knowing he was going on an expedition to the Brazilian rainforest had downloaded several episodes to his ipod to take along with him. He writes to say that as the only alcoholic on the expedition, it gave him great comfort to listen to recovery speakers in the evenings, and that the connection to Recovery Radio helped him ward off feelings of loneliness and isolation. He says that even though he was far removed from the rest of the world, he never felt out of touch with the worldwide fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous thanks to his ipod and Recovery Radio. We were humbled to have been of service in such circumstances.





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