Become Part of the Solution

In 2016 over 64,000 people died in the US from overdoses, most of them from opioids. That’s more Americans than were killed in the entire 20 years of the Vietnam war!
In addition to that, more than 88,000 people died in alcohol related deaths in the same year! The result is that the healthcare infrastructure and associated public services are overwhelmed. Underfunded as always, they are currently beginning to break down under the increased load.
The good news is that there are several million people in recovery from Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. People leading normal productive lives, raising families and contributing to their communities.
That’s where we come in. The Recovery Radio Network has been providing Peer Support for Alcoholics, Addicts and, the people who love them since 2004. We provide materials to support people in their efforts to recover from Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Co-dependency In 2017 more than 450,000 people logged into our online blog reading the articles and connecting to resources for help. And,our audio podcasts delivered over 1,600,000 hours of support to the recovery community this year.
As you might imagine this is expensive to maintain and that’s why I am writing you. Please help us continue to provide the same level of care we have in the past. As the recovery community grows so do the demands on our resources and we need your help to keep up.

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