Podcasting Recovery

The Recovery Radio Network Podcast has been well received within the recovery community and, is proving to be very popular with people. The amount of web traffic to this site has been amazing. In our first week of operation we have already had to double our committment for bandwidth and storage because of the demand!

We have been busy loading up some new titles on the Recovery Radio Podcasting site for your enjoyment. New speakers from AA and Al-Anon bring us personal stories of recovery, a doctor talks about the disease concept of alcoholism and, there is even a little bit of AA history. In the near future we will be bringing you stories from young people in recovery, as well as ,the Joe and Charlie 12 step workshop, and a Mary Pearl Retreat for women. RRN is currently working on getting these projects in podcast format and expects to begin broadcasting them shortly.

We have been gratified by the response from our listeners who have either left us comments,  or e-mailed us with suggestions. Please keep those “cards and letters” coming! We love to hear from recovering folks and are always open to new ideas.

Podcasts come to RRN

     Finally, we have started podcasting here at Recovery Radio Network. Look under our Blogroll  listings on the right side of this page and you will see a couple different links for RRN. The streaming media link takes you to our traditional website, where you will find all sorts of speakers and workshops available for “on demand” listening, using the mp3 player of your choice, or our built in Flash player.

    The RRN Podcast link, will take you to our new site where, in addition to listening to audio using the built-in flash player, you may also download the various episodes and play them on your portable audio player.  Since this site is new, the selection of audio files is currently limited but, we will be adding new files to the site regularly so, check back often.

    In addition to downloading Podcast episodes, you may create written comments about the speakers, share the episodes with friends, or link directly to the audio files, all from within our Podcast page. You may also become a subscriber  to the RRN podcast so that when we release new episodes you will automatically get them. Give it a try and let us know what you think.