Moving On

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Well, we have finally finished the Joe and Charlie series on the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It seemed to be well received as it was downloaded many times and, although I got a lot of nice e-mail about it, I have to tell you I was beginning to tire of seeing the same tag about it on Itunes. Something about the way the feed was formated for Itunes caused extra characters to appear in the description. I guess this goes in the “Live and Learn” category.

   Yes, I said Itunes. Recovery Radio is on Itunes and you may subscribe to us through them as well, if you are using an Ipod. The subscription on Itunes is free of course, and we thought that having another distribution channel could not hurt, especially if it was the largest, most popular podcast repository on the planet. Stop by Itunes and check out our new “Cover Art”

   We are moving on from Joe and Charlie this week and will start with some Al-Anon speakers. We have a two episode Mary Pearl talk that is, as usual, hilarious. I think everyone can relate to Mary Pearl regardless of what program might be their primary focus. Give it a try and let us hear your feedback either by leaving a  comment on the site, or by dropping us an e-mail.

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         By popular demand,we have added a “Subscription” button on the right for your convenience. Clicking it will allow you to take advantage of our $5.00 per month membership plan. For those of you, who would like to express your ongoing support for Recovery Radio in a simple and painless way, this plan is perfect. Simply authorize the one time sign up, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your credit card will automatically be billed $5.00 per month and, you will have the satisfaction of knowing your contributions are helping support the mission of the best Recovery Station on the Internet.

          Or, if you prefer, there is a “Donate” Button on the lower right that will take one-time contributions of differing amounts. Either way, your contributions are fully tax deductible and will be used to help carry the message to an ever growing audience. Please join us in this effort to be of service to the recovery community.

Recovery Resources

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Starting the first week in April we will begin the Joe & Charlie Big Book Study. This effort is segmented into 35 audio files roughly following the chapters as set out in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. We will upload a file a day for you until finished, and of course, the entire set will remain in the archives once uploaded. I use the word “roughly” simply because Joe and Charlie add some discussion elements to the books content in an effort to help the newcomer understand the basic principles of recovery as set out in the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  AA  is the Grandfather of all step-based recovery programs, and the principles set out in this book are universal and apply to them all.  Joe and Charlie were the Grandfathers of Big Book Studies, traveling around North America for decades, giving weekend workshops on this text. Whether you are trying to recover from alcoholism, substance-abuse, co-dependency or some other form of obsessive-compulsive disorder,what the clinicians might call sedativism, a better understanding of this text can only help.

   If you are looking for additional resources for recovery related information, I recommend visiting the “Faces and Voices of Recovery” website. It is one of America’s best run charities keeping in touch with lawmakers in Washington, and on the State level, as an advocate for people in recovery. Go see what they are up to on your behalf these days!

Speaking of connections to Recovery Resources, you might check out our own collection of links. We have listings for recovery clubhouses, speakers, treatment facilities and many other things as well. They can all be found by clicking the link above. This will take you to the “Links” page on our original site. While you are there, you might look around and find some treasures on our collection of speakers and workshops as well!  We have over a Gigabyte of  files online ready to stream Recovery to you with just the click of a button!

Recovery Webring

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The recovery Radio Network has long been a member of various recovery based Webrings. We highly recommend them as a great way to find like-minded people and resources. Try it and see if you don’t agree. Just click the “next” link on the Webring search box above to be taken to the Webring where you can browse for other recovery oriented sites.

On a related issue, there are a couple of Social Networking sites that I belong to that are recovery based as well. They have the usual “Facebook” or “Myspace” feel and functionality to them, and serve the same purpose for people in recovery looking for other people to connect with.  The diseases of Addiction and Alcoholism, do their best to keep the victims isolated from humanity, and these social networking sites, serve as a valuable way for us to create new connections to help in overcoming our isolation.  Even though these sites are relatively new and still suffering the pains associated with growth here are links to the two I have found to be helpful. The first one is InTheRooms and the other is Sanewire. Try them out and see if social networking is for you. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover new friends and activities online that will help  your feelings of isolation dissipate. Wouldn’t THAT be GOOD! I am a member of both these sites with the moniker of “Stationmanager” so, look me up once you get online, I’m always looking for new friends! 


Podcasts come to RRN

     Finally, we have started podcasting here at Recovery Radio Network. Look under our Blogroll  listings on the right side of this page and you will see a couple different links for RRN. The streaming media link takes you to our traditional website, where you will find all sorts of speakers and workshops available for “on demand” listening, using the mp3 player of your choice, or our built in Flash player.

    The RRN Podcast link, will take you to our new site where, in addition to listening to audio using the built-in flash player, you may also download the various episodes and play them on your portable audio player.  Since this site is new, the selection of audio files is currently limited but, we will be adding new files to the site regularly so, check back often.

    In addition to downloading Podcast episodes, you may create written comments about the speakers, share the episodes with friends, or link directly to the audio files, all from within our Podcast page. You may also become a subscriber  to the RRN podcast so that when we release new episodes you will automatically get them. Give it a try and let us know what you think.